Deutsche Bank : European Monthly ETF Market Review – May

+€11.1bn in May – Europe, EM equity and Corporate Bonds benefit Data in this report is as of 31 May 2017…

Deutsche Bank : European Monthly ETF Market Review for May 2017

Data in this report is as of 31 May 2017

European ETP Monthly Highlights (Assets & Flows):

Assets: European ETPs AUM increased by €7.5bn on MoM basis and ended the month at €607bn.

Flows: European-domiciled ETPs registered strong inflows of +€11.1bn last month where year-to-date flows have reached +€48bn.

New Product Launches – 40 New products European ETP market witnessed 40 new launches in May which includes 28 Commodities ETPs , 11 Equity and 1 Fixed Income ETFs.

Investment Themes for the Month

European indices (Regional focused) recorded inows of +2.2bn. Indices that benefitted this month were Euro STOXX 50 (+€879mn), MSCI EMU (+€392mn) and MSCI Europe (+€233mn). EM also saw significant inflows (+€1.3bn). Country wise, Japan (+€255mn) benefited while Germany & UK saw outflows (-€498mn) & (-€258mn) respectively.

Smart Beta segment recorded inows of +€1.3bn. Value Factor ETFs surged with inflows of +€772mn. Robotics & Automation continued to draw steady investment (+€307mn). In other segments, Mid Caps (+ €685mn), Financials (+€191mn) and Industrials (+€112mn) benefitted while Real Estate lagged (-€137mn).

Corporate bond ETF were the net largest contributer for Fixed income flows, attracting +€2.4bn.

Gold ETPs (+€609mn) commanded most of the overall commodity flows (+€1bn).

Activity in US listed ETFs suggests that US investors were positive on both European-focused regional and country ETFs (+$5.1bn, ytd +$10.4bn).

Turnover: MoM turnover increased by 25% The total turnover activity into European ETPs increased by 25% (€76.1bn) compared to the previous month’s total (€60.7bn).



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